With God, A Tiny Drop Can Make A Big Ripple!

This is the first time I’ve been stuck at home because of a physical injury on Ash Wed. I’d like to be up and going but I must find value in being still.

The scripture I was offered from Daily Disciplines this morning talks about prayer. Jesus said, “When you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen.” (Matthew 6:6) I know this is only one of the instructions Jesus gave us for prayer but it is the instruction I need for today.

I cannot attend an Ash Wednesday service, but I can pray here in my quiet home. I can focus on God. Many times I have told parishioners in nursing homes who were feeling useless, that they can have a ministry of prayer.

Today, I will begin my ministry of prayer. I will focus on God, and pray for healing for myself, and my family. I will follow that with prayer for specific friends, and then reach out to people I don’t know, farmers who provide our food, factory workers, ministers, community leaders. Gradually I will enlarge my circle of prayer to Canada as a whole and her leaders, the U.S., trouble spots in the world, and the world as a whole. I will pray for all of creation.

In my mind I can see the power of prayer spreading outward like the waves ripple out from a tiny drop of water. Yes the water will smooth again, but it will not be the same. It will contain one more drop. I believe that there will be a different energy composition in the world because of my prayers today. It may be small, or it may be monumental. This may be the day that one world leader needs the tiny nudge from my prayer to act compassionately, or this may be the day when one troubled teen needs that extra blessing of my prayer to choose to life rather than death.

I may be stuck here in this chair today, but I can pray. I believe that God will use the love I offer in my prayers to bring goodness to the world. I am grateful for the opportunity to pray my injury has given me. For today, for these moments I’ll set aside my frustration and peacefully pray.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, why don’t you do the same?

4 thoughts on “With God, A Tiny Drop Can Make A Big Ripple!”

  1. Dear Janet,

    I am so sad to learn that your mom’s house has sold because it closes a chapter in my book that I never wanted to close. I miss just having two beautiful souls living next door. That is very selfish thinking on my part. It’s not really about me. I am grateful that those two beautiful souls are reunited and that they no longer suffer but are basking in the love and light of God in heaven.

    I am sorry to hear of your injury and hope that it is not untreatable and a temporary bump in your journey. God decides these moments for us and we can look at them as a gift or as an inconvenience and I am certain you will do the former and not the latter based on your wisdom and understanding.

    I do have a prayer request regarding my son. He has been at his position for 7.5 years and has done an exemplary job according to his superiors, but due to a restructuring of business processes he must reapply for his job. In the past, when other employers with his job title have done some shifty/shady dealings the superiors have turned a blind eye because it has lined their own pockets with more gold, so it really is a dog-eat-dog corporate world after all. Please pray for God’s will for my son. He always and only looks out for his clients first and foremost and refuses to persuade them in directions which do not serve them. I tell him to look for at the big picture and that, in time, God will reward him for obeying Biblical principals at work.

    Thank you for being a teacher to all who sign on to your blog and may you receive a speedy healing at the precise moment God has chosen. You are an inspiration and I thank God for you.


    1. Hi Jeannine, Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I deem it a privilege to pray for your son. I am being held up by the many prayers of others. Yes, it is difficult to think about Mom and Sam’s house being sold. They had many happy years there and enjoyed their neighbors. Life brings changes and new adventures. We have to focus on God’s presence with us in those adventures. Blessings Janet

  2. Dera Jan

    You are a magnificent beacon of light and love! Bless you on this day, in your peacefulness and your deep compassion for others.

    Every day when I finish my hot yoga practice and go into Sivasana, or corpse pose, for a period of deep relaxation, I integrate all the wonderful breathwork, healing and re-aligning of my body-mind-spirit, and then follow it by sending Reiki out first to everyone in my life that has requested it or that I know needs healing prayer and energy. Next I send it to all of our family, my neighbours, colleagues and friends. After that I beam it out over the GTA, then to all of Ontario, to the rest of Canada and North America… and then all through and out around the world.

    Through this practice of prayerfulness we forge an incredible energetic connection to the All that is… to the Divine Godhead in everything in creation, and in so doing transform and transmute our own beings into that beautiful divine frequency. As you said… a droplet becomes a trickle, then a stream, a river, then a flood… and finally an ocean of loving prayer and healing.

    1. Hi Sue, Glad you understand and are adding your prayers to the this beautiful world. I am being blessed by the prayers of so many. God is good. I love to write. Comments like yours help me to know I’m following God’s will. Blessings, Janet

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