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Come and Enjoy!

Come to the Cabaret

I’m pleased to announce that I will be doing a reading from my latest novel,  “To Begin Again” as part of the Grand Opening Cabaret at the Keene Centre for the Arts. Friday, February 22nd,  There’s two shows, one at five and one at eight. There’s music, storytelling, skits, a fashion show, me, and even belly dancing. Your $25 gets you the show, champagne and desert. It’s an intimate venue with only 40 tickets to be sold.  Hope to see you there. Blessings Janet

“Elizabeth Gets Her Wings” is Launched.

Tomorrow is the big day. Hallelujah!!!!! We are launching 

at Dunsford United Church , just off highway 36 between Lindsay and Bobcaygeon. Our house is electric with excitement.I’m sure it’s the same at Olivia’s home too.  So here is one more invitation.

Come and meet the author, Janet Stobie & the illustrator, Olivia Phillips.

Sunday, November 12, 2017,  11:30 to 1:30

Dunsford United Church.

Have a chat. They’ll tell you about their journey with Elizabeth.

They’ll sign your books.

It’s not often you get both author’s and illustrator’s signatures.

If you come at 10:00 for the church service, you’ll hear Janet read some of the book to the kids. You will also experience the joy of spirit-filled worship.

Give it a try. It feels good.


How Do I Issue the Invitation of Faith?


As Christians, we know that God is with us, giving us strength, guidance, and challenge. Many times, I’ve heard others say, “I never would have gotten through Susie’s death without God, and without the support of my church family.” Consequently, we want others to have faith, too.

How do we make people understand the strength and joy, the wisdom and comfort that come with faith? How do we compete in this crazy world where every minute is filled with activity and work?

Jesus didn’t compete. He issued invitations to James and John. They immediately left their nets and followed him. Were they the only ones he asked? What about the ones who said, “Not interested, too busy, can’t.” They wouldn’t be mentioned in the Bible. They missed the adventure.

Regardless of how many said no, some said yes. His following became large enough to be a problem for the religious leaders and the Romans. Why did some accept his invitation?

As I read the stories, I see that Jesus did more than issue invitations. He lived what he taught. He lived acceptance of everyone, even when he received criticism. He lived compassion and kindness, even when he was tired. Jesus passionately lived what he believed. People met him, watched him, listened to him, saw him in action, experienced his love, and they believed. They joined his group.

St. Paul wrote to tell us to live so that when people get to know us, they will have met Jesus. That’s our calling, our life’s work as Christians. In everything we say and everything we do, whether it’s standing in line at the grocery store, working at the office, or cooking dinner at home, we can choose to let Jesus’ compassion, acceptance, love shine through us. Only then will others want to make faith a priority in their busy lives.

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.” (2 Corinthians 4:20)