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We’re Home!

We arrived at our precious home at 9:30 last night. The blessing of family and friends greeted us as we walked in the doors. Bev had cleaned our house and left spring tulips on the table as well as milk in the fridge. Daughter Connie had also been by with a few groceries to make our homecoming special. We are truly spoiled.

We unpacked (sort of) started a load of wash, and settled into our comfy familiar chairs, a hot cup of chocolatey chai tea by my side. When I’m away, I miss my chair. Prayer time, writing time, social media time and much more are always spent in my chair. When Tom and I moved to Peterborough, we purchased a new love seat that is, in essence, two wonderful lounge chairs fastened together. Last night we both gave forth sighs of comfort – AAAAAAh – as we sat down.

This morning, I spread our gifts for family and friends on the dining room table. I’m excited about sharing the things, the experiences, the joy of our journey. After a breakfast of Tom’s yummy porridge, we hopped in our car to drive to Keene and watch Ellie’s hockey game. Life returned to normal. We have been blessed with an opportunity that few people receive. We will always be grateful.

Our last day in Cape Town

We spent this day down town shopping at the Green Market. Once again we took our now familiar Omahrhumba bus. This time we walked the short distance to the Market – a collection of stalls that ran for blocks down St. George Street. We were looking for gifts for grandchildren. We had great success. Shopping done we had another slow Africa lunch at a street cafe. I didn’t take pictures this morning. I’m not sure why. Tom did all the bargaining. I am a pushover.

We returned to Leonie’s to gather our stuff. Lynn picked us up right on time  and took us to the airport. Our flight was good. We arrived about two hours too late to attend the athletic awards ceremony for the basketball season. Our Jenna won the coach’s award. We were proud to greet her when she got home with hugs and kisses and off course her grandchild gift.

Exhausted everyone went to bed but me. I had a long, slow, sweet smelling bath while I finished my book.

Welcome to Our Home!

Dave, Jo, & Jenna’s Garden 1
Garden 2
Hibiscus Tree

Before supper we went with Joanne to walk the dogs in a nearby park. The birds here are exquisite and different. The brown ones looked very plain walking on the ground. When we got close they took flight revealing white wings bordered with black. Their call sounds like a squeaky toy. The tiny red weaver one comes in yellow two. They build their nests in the trees. We saw a neat looking duck with a white face and red tuft on his head. The little pond also was home for a family of Egyptian geese.

Squeaker in Flight
Family of Squeakers
Weaver Nests
Mom & baby Egyptian Geese
Daddy Egyptian Goose with duck friend

Supper last night was scrumptious. We sat at a high table out on the porch. We are being bathed in love by Dave, Joanne and Jenna. Joanne offered me the ultimate in hospitality when she asked me if I’d like to bless the meal. Although they do not claim Christianity, they live the “Way” of Christ. They are loving and accepting of all people – and they of course live among God’s infinite variety. They care for people and animals with a deep passion. As a family they volunteer in orphanages and animal shelters. Part of living that acceptance and love was Joanne’s willingness to welcome my commitment to living my faith.

For sure, her gesture added was giant gift of love that has made a positive difference throughout the world.





“Twice Blessed”

Please check out the Spirit Story in the May issue of the United Church Observer. My personal true story titled “Twice Blessed” has been published as the “Spirit Story” in the May issue of the United Church Observer. Please check it out. You can also read “Twice Blessed” on line at www.ucobserver.org/opinion/2015/05/spirit_story/  At that site you can click to hear me read the story as well. When you are finished please leave a comment. That helps both the magazine and me. Blessings to you all. Janet


God’s Sacred Task

Creating a home is a sacred task given by God. 

For the child, that home begins inside the mother’s womb. Doctors tell us that what Mom eats and does affects her child, long before he or she is born. For example: When Mom doesn’t take in enough calcium in her diet, the calcium in her bones and teeth is taken for her unborn child. Today research has also shown that the fetus can hear.  Many mothers play music, sing, and read to their unborn child.

When I see pregnant women regularly at worship, I give thanks that once again a child is beginning with the love of a church family. Hearing the hymns, prayers, words that speak of loving one another, and living in peace and harmony, can make a difference in that child’s life.

God entrusts mothers with the special role of being the “goodness and mercy” of God, that is claimed in Psalm 23.  Of course, mothers, fail at times. They’re human.

God’s intention is that mother, in her unique place in the family, will be a source of God’s love.

Like all humans, mother doesn’t fulfill her role in a vacuum.

Mom’s need affirmation and support. Mother’s day reminds all of us that it is our privilege to be that affirmation and support. On Mother’s Day and every day, really look at the mother in your life, your own or someone else’s. Let her imperfections slide by and focus on the wonder of her efforts to love and support her child. Give her a hug. Speak words of appreciation.

Mother’s Day tell the Moms in your life that she is God’s blessing for her child.