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Two days on Safari

Pilanesberg Gate

We have been blessed, truly blessed. Two days on safari in South Africa, is, for many people a dream come true. The animals have been amazing. A highlight for me happened when the elephant we were watching started to walk casually toward us. As he got closer and closer, he seemed to be looking straight at me. I heard the tour bus ahead of us start up and watched it pull forward out of the elephant’s way. Our motor started up as well, but our bus didn’t move. The elephant kept coming. His tread measured and slow. In my mind I heard, “Take all the pictures you like. I’m special.”, as he lumbered past at the most two feet in front of our bus. This majestic, awesome animal walked by just four feet from my seat. (Of course, we were in the front seat.)

There were other times when it felt as if the animal was actually posing for our picture. Here they roam free in a 550 square kilometer game park. These animals are wild. That’s for sure. And yet, at times it felt as if there was a connection. I’ve added some pictures for you to enjoy. On our evening drive, there was a time where pictures couldn’t happen. We joined a collection of about five vehicles sitting in the dark. “Lion’s,” our guide said. “There’s a family of lions here. Two cubs and a Mom and Dad. They made a kill yesterday and have dragged the carcass into that thicket. He shone his light on a collection of shrubs. The lion’s were well hidden. We sat in silence and listened. We heard the cubs mewing. We heard  the sounds of lion’s at play, of Mom encouraging them to settle down, of Father losing patience and roaring, but not a fearsome roar. No it was more a “Come on kids, settle down” roar. We heard them crunching bones. Experiencing the family was a special gift.

During the morning when we were out with Dave and Joanne, we saw zebras. Two particularly touched my heart as I watched them, possibly lovesick teenagers, standing close, nose to nose and side to side. It was neat. In fact it was the families and their interactions that touched my heart and filled it with joy.


The other most important part of this safari is being with Dave and Joanne and Jenna. This has been a special time that will live in our hearts forever. We’re not only experiencing their passion for animals and safari’s, but we’re sharing thoughts and stories. Our family traditionally gets together regularly to celebrate the good things of our lives. This is a memory to add to the pile that is special. Today I have so much joy that the world over must feel a lightening of whatever darkness hovers.

I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I have enjoyed taking them.

Here I come. Get out of my way.


He was just four feet away. Nervous I didn’t get him in total.
He kept on walking.
He stopped and turned to say goodbye.
Mom and baby Frankolins take over the road.
This beautiful big zebra stood at the side of the road waiting for us to take his picture.
Zebra Friends
The Giraffes are so graceful.
Baby Leopard Tortoise – He and his Momma were on the side of the road.
Male impala
Springbok is the national animal of South Africa.
Blue Wildebeast family having a rest on the road

Lonely male Blue Wildebeast, sometimes called Gnu

Spread Your Wings and Fly!

Sun is pouring in the plane window. It has to be the middle of the day but my body feels like it’s deepest night. I finally slept for an hour or maybe two. Not enough my body is screaming. Yet sleeping sitting up is very difficult for me. It will be ten p.m. Tuesday (I think), Johannesburg time when we arrive. The eight hour time difference is not going to keep me awake. Of that I’m sure.

Once again, I have a lovely lady sitting beside me. Leslie is from England and is coming to South Africa to visit family. This plane is stuffed full and yet is extremely quiet. The screen on the seat back says we have 5 hours and 50 minutes flying yet. Through the plane window, I can see a brown ocean beneath the whispy clouds – the Sarah Desert. It’s just not clear enough for a picture.

So far, today’s addition to the world’s joy is Leslie and our chuckles over space, food, even our politics. I desperately needed this blinding sunshine. It’s bringing heat and summer to me through the plane window. There is positive energy here on this plane. Strangers visit, laugh and sympathize. Cabin crew smiles and accommodates. We are blessed.

I may be an exhausted snowbird but I am a snowbird. Hallelujah! As Ann Murray sings, “Spread your tiny wings and fly away”. And of course you know that if I could I would bring you all to fly away with me. Mind you Dave, Joanne and Jenna might be overwhelmed.