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Lost in Beauty!

In her book, Meet the Austins, Madeline L’Engle tells the story of parents rousing their children from sleep to experience the spectacular beauty of the world bathed in moonlight immediately after an ice storm. The scene, as described by a child, depicts the family standing lost in wonder amidst the beauty of God’s world. The hymn, This is God’s Wondrous World, flooded my soul as I read.

As I pondered the scene, I thought of similar moments in which I, too, have been lost in “wonder.” I remembered being overwhelmed with the majesty of nature, as I stood transfixed by the glory of a summer sunset.  Flaming reds, yellows, purples, lit the sky, not just in the west, but overhead and around to the east. Five minutes and the colors changed, fading and shifting to patches of pink and violet as dusk descended. I remembered the thrill of watching the mating dance of two loons in the moonlight, while being rocked in our canoe on Sturgeon Lake – a momentary privilege, a gift from God.

My mind moved beyond the miracles of nature to family moments of God’s total love. We actually captured on camera the night we found my granddaughter asleep under her bed, cuddling her beloved chocolate lab. The beauty, the love, the innocence of a child fills my soul as I remember. Often, as I fall off to sleep cuddled up to Tom, I thrill to the total safety of his love.

This morning as I look forward to yet another year, the peace and joy of these amazing moments lift my soul. I suggest you, too, take time to relive your spectacular God-given moments of beauty and love. What better way to step into a new year. These moments are a resource of power and energy and peace. They can carry us through the tough and the regular times of daily living.

Every time we notice God’s presence, God’s overwhelming extravagance, love and forgiveness; every time we remember and relive these spectacular experiences, there is a tiny change, a small alteration in the entire world. With this simple shift, our world takes a step closer to being God’s intended kingdom. “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Expect Great Things of God!

Expect Great Things From God

By Janet Stobie

God's Strenght
God’s Strength


Whether you’re a member of a big city church or a small rural church, I’m sure you’ve heard some version of:

“Surely God isn’t calling us to begin a breakfast program in our local school. We’re only a tiny congregation of thirty on our best Sunday.”

“That’s not the way we’ve always done it.”

“We can’t do that. We don’t have the money, or the leadership.”

Yet, we’ve heard stories of God’s people in the Bible and in modern day – amazing stories of ordinary people accomplishing wonderful projects. What is the difference?

I believe John’s gospel has the answer. “Whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do, and greater works than these will he do…” (John 14:12) John is telling us to expect great things of God. Too often our expectations are small. We think God’s goodness, God’s blessings, God’s strength, God’s power are so scarce that God has to ration it.

Every day we witness the extravagance of God. At sunset, the sky, ablaze with colour for fifteen minutes, provides beauty beyond compare. Hidden deep in the woods, a mass of trilliums bring light to the darkness with no one to see them. Scraggly blueberry plants struggle to maintain life on the rocks of Canada’s northern shield country, and yet produce masses of succulent berries. Nature tells us that God believes in abundance.

We need to remember that God is generous and loving. We can step out to do God’s work because Jesus sent us God’s Spirit to strengthen us. We can have courage because God is with us. We can expect great things of God.