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This Mysterious Blessing!

Our Mysterious Blessing

Thanksgiving for many of us means a table laden with steaming hot, delicious food, encircled by a beaming family, content to be together. We give thanks for needs met, and the abundance of blessings that fill our lives. Even as we celebrate, we are aware that we, the middle class, are the privileged. Giving thanks is easy, particularly in this land of milk and honey that we call Canada.

This year, I want to remind you of another reason to be thankful. This blessing is available to everyone, rich and poor, young and old, regardless of ethnicity, skin color, health and economic status. What is this mysterious blessing.

We can give, and not just money and material wealth. We can try a little kindness. We can give thanks to God for the privilege of volunteering. There is so much need in this world. Lonely people who need a phone call or visit, homeless seeking help and the gift of respect, teens desperate for a kind word, store clerks stretched to the end of their patience who need the blessing of your smile and your thank you. The list is endless. Those of us who are ill, shut-in, in hospital, are also blessed to give. We have the opportunity to offer the gift of compassion, love, a kind word. Even when we feel totally isolated we can still offer the gift of prayer.

This Thanksgiving, I challenge you to let go of the belief that gratitude only comes from what we receive. This Thanksgiving take time to give thanks to God for all the moments of giving you have enjoyed, all the prayers offered, money given, time volunteered over the past year. Loving and caring for others is an honour and a privilege. Jesus taught there is nothing better than to lay down your life for others.

Micro Loans in Developing Countries

Tom and I are involved in KIVA as a way of sharing our many blessings. You may not know about KIVA as a charitable organization that makes microloans to people in developing countries. Here is the web address https://www.kiva.org/about to find information about it. We have loaned $25 to Isata, a woman who has a business selling tools in Sierra Leone. Here is the website about her


We wondered if any of my subscribing friends would be interested in contributing towards Isata’s loan or finding another person they would like to invest in. It’s a fun way to help others. My friend, Nancy loaned $25 several years ago. It has been paid back and loaned out again several times. Over the years, Nancy’s $25 has been used many times and has added up to $600 in borrowing power. It’s fun to see your loan paid back and relend it.


I Can Share! Hallelujah!

Aung Soe Myint (11yrs) I really happy for the Christmas time because we got presents and also we have school holiday. In this time we can play together we can eat together and we share our presents to each other. ( left to right Khin Myat Thu  (13yrs), wai Zin Phyoe (12yrs),Ei  Myat Maw (12yrs), Si Thu Aung (12yrs), Khant Paing Oo ( 12yrs), Aung Soe Myint (11yrs).
World Vision – Opportunities for a community’s children 

Today we received the annual report from World Vision for our beautiful foster child Layslla. In her picture we see a sweet young girl with a long ponytail. She looks much like any young girl here in Canada. Our Layslla is growing up. The letter tells us about the things she has learned because of our support. We are truly blessed to be able to be part of this program.

The best part of the World Vision Foster Child program is that the money we send benefits the entire community rather than just one child. When we write letters to Layslla, we are allowed to include little things like small note books, pens, pencils etc. We always send enough for Layslla to share. Sharing is important.

Many of us find it easy to give. We want to share our abundant blessings. We are not as good at receiving. Our culture teaches us that it is not good to be indebted by someone else’s gifts. “I’ll make it on my own, without help,” is a code we often live by. When I received Layslla’s letter today, I was reminded of the gifts we give when we receive help from someone. Our Layslla, gives Tom and I the blessing of being able to share. I am grateful.

Thought for the Day

Caring - elephants

What I Do Is Important to God

Yesterday I read a newspaper interview with Louise Penny, the well-known author of the Inspector Gamache Mystery Series. I hadn’t written my “Thought for the Day” before leaving home and I wondered if it mattered anyway. After all, I am only a self-published author, not a Louise Penny. I’m not well-known nor important in this world. It was easy for my mind to slip from that thought to why do I bother to do this anyway.

This morning I woke up determined to write today’s thought even though we are visiting with friends, and I have lots of excuses to skip doing it. I believe God has called me to write just as God has called me to do little acts of kindness every day, to love my family, to be God’s blessing in the world.


A Caring Touch

God has not called me to judge the effectiveness of my writing or any of my acts of faith. God reserves that right. God only asks me to respond to this world with goodness and love using the gifts God has given me.

Today I offer you this thought. Whatever goodness you endeavour to do today, whether the action is part of your work, or play or something extra, that action is important to God. It may be your smile, your washing of a coffee cup, your loonie given to a homeless person, your opening of a door –  TRUST – that God needs your action done today to accomplish God’s purpose. This is your mantra for today:



The Hand of Friendship

Sharing the Spirit

When I pull into my driveway, I am welcomed by glorious flowers. Yellows, reds, purples, all the colours of the rainbow shimmer in the summer sun. I smile and relax. “Thank you, God, for the gift of your presence here in my home,” I whisper.

When I step through the doorway at our Dunsford church, I am greeted by God’s  Holy Spirit, pouring out from the eyes, smiles and hugs of individuals in the congregation. Even on weekdays, when the building is empty, the echoes of their love enfold me as soon as I enter. “Thank you, God,” I whisper. “Thank you God for the gift of your presence here in this, your house of prayer.”

Last month, I was blessed with the privilege of gathering for worship at two Christian Conferences, one for writers and one for the wider church. Both times, my heart lifted in the presence of God’s Spirit that emanated from hundreds of others.

No wonder we lament our shrinking congregations. We speak of needing members to fill the pews, do the work and give the money. Those are real needs, yes, but more than anything, we yearn for the feeding of the Spirit that comes with numbers. Each one of us brings God’s Spirit with us everywhere we go. When we gather together, in God’s name, God’s Spirit rises up and overflows among us. Why are we missed when we stay home on Sunday mornings? Our bit of God’s Spirit is missing.

It’s easy to forget that others need us to share our gift of God’s Spirit. We focus on criticism, judgment, sadness, and we horde God’s gift of Spirit. When we do, we diminish ourselves, others and God. Next time you join with a gathering of Christians, intentionally invite God’s Holy Spirit to well up within you and flow out to others. Give God thanks for sharing the Holy Spirit through you.

“But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” (John 14:26)