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Where Do I Find Fuel for My Journey?

I find fuel for my life each day when I sit in my favourite chair, pen, journal, Bible, and book of reflections on my knee. This is my time with God.  I read, reflect and write in solitude. My day is always better when I give this time for prayer.  I’ve been practising a time of morning meditation for approximately forty years.  It’s special sacred time that enables me to remember that I am God’s beloved child, abundantly blessed.

Most days this week, God’s brilliant sunshine has created a halo around a vase of wild-flowers proudly gracing my Tibetan trunk.  Their regal beauty reminded me daily of two very important blessings in my life. First, they remind me to keep my eyes open all day to the beauty of God’s world that surrounds me. Second and even more important they speak of the love and care our grandson, Tim, age twenty-two, has for us. He picked them, brought them, arranged them and left them as a surprise greeting “just because”. They remind me to keep my heart open to God’s love that is offered every moment of every day, “just because”.

This week, God and Tim have worked together to touch my heart and fuel my soul. I am truly grateful. Without my daily discipline of prayer and meditation, I might have walked by those flowers and missed out on receiving the fuel I need for living.

My suggestion for each one of you is that you take a few moments every day to meet up with God in prayer. Why spend a day without acknowledging God’s presence, God’s power within you. God’s strength and power are there, available to you, whether or not you receive them, invite them into your life. There is no need to run on an empty tank.


How Do We Give Thanks?

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How Do We Give Thanks?

By Janet Stobie

How do we give thanks in a world that:

  • uses poison gas, bombs and guns;
  • condones violence;
  • bases success on greed and competition?

I can give thanks because I know that in the midst of this hell created by human beings, God is active every moment of every day creating good.cropped-rainbow-more-blue-pink.jpg

Creation is God’s gift.

I am grateful for the many people who have hearts that see and contribute to the goodness in this world.

This year, let’s shift our focus. We don’t have to join the darkness and hopelessness that exist in this world.

We can open our eyes to see and be the light that is shining in the darkness.

  1. Soak in the fall beauty that surrounds you. Count the number of beautiful trees and shrubs you encounter each day. Take pictures at least with your mind. Every day describe a moment of natural beauty to a friend and/or family member.
    God's Amazing Beauty
    God’s Amazing Beauty
    It lasts for ten minutes before disappearing.
  2. Be an instrument of goodness. Each day offer a smile, a thank you, a hug, a compliment, a word of praise to at least one person.

    He's my honey!
    He’s my honey!
  3. Add to the light in this world by opening a door, offering to pray, taking time to listen, baking a cake, making a telephone call.

    Care about someone.
    Care about someone.
  4. Collect moments of joy that you have given to an adult, teen or child each day, or even each hour. Put them in the album of your mind.

    Enjoy a child's laughter
    Enjoy a child’s laughter

Changing our world requires an intentional choice. Begin each morning with the famous words, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” End each day giving thanks for the goodness you have seen, you have given and you have received.