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Celebrity for a Day!

I posted this on Facebook and then remembered the only way I knew how to post it on my other social media places was to post it on my website. Therefore, my Facebook friends received it twice. My apologies.

Celebrity for a Day

Last Monday was a special day for me. Emmanuel College, University of Toronto,  Alumni Association presented me with a service award for my writing and speaking ministry. I was humbled and delighted. As all of you know, I have been writing and publishing my books for the last fourteen years. I love the writing and publishing. Speaking engagements are great fun as I fly on the Spirit. The messages both in my books and my talks are peace, love, and acceptance of self and others.

Selling the books is not quite as much fun. One of the blessings of this award, is that the general public tends to buy books written by an award-winning author. So, I remind all of you who have enjoyed my books and my speaking over the years, to tell your friends about my books and my availability as a guest speaker. Of course, don’t forget that my books make good gifts for your friends and family. They will entertain and could begin a journey of faith.

I’ve posted a few pictures from my day. Years ago, there was a TV show called “Queen for a Day”. Well the name was something like that. I have titled this blog, “Celebrity for a Day”. I did feel like a celebrity. Everyone was wonderful. Best of all, my daughter and grandson, and three of my friends came to celebrate with me. It was truly a day to remember.

President of Victoria College, me, and Principal of Emmanuel College

All of us. It was a great day. I am truly grateful.

Wow! This Is Special!

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

My posts are usually reflections on my life in relation to scripture. The last two were more about me as a writer. And now I have one more about me.

This time as a person, a writer and most of all a United Church Minister. I received my Masters of Divinity from Emmanuel college, University of Toronto in 1989. On this coming May 6th, just a few weeks from now, I will receive a Service Award from Emmanuel. My understanding is that this award is for my contribution in one area of ministry that has been helpful/useful to the church and the world. Of course, it’s for my writing and I am thrilled.

This morning I talked with Jenn and Marsha from the alumni office. Tom and I get to attend all of the alumni day, including lunch, workshops and dinner at no cost to us. That alone is a lovely gift, especially in today’s world. Jenn asked for contact info for my family. They will receive an invitation. Also, I can invite my colleagues from Emmanuel and Queen’s to come as well. So please register and come, you’ll have a grand day. Maybe some of you have already registered. After all alumni day is always great.

What a wonderful honour for me. I am truly grateful.
Online: my.alumni.utoronto.ca/emmday2019
By phone: 416-585-4500 or 1-888-262-9775