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We’re Home!

We arrived at our precious home at 9:30 last night. The blessing of family and friends greeted us as we walked in the doors. Bev had cleaned our house and left spring tulips on the table as well as milk in the fridge. Daughter Connie had also been by with a few groceries to make our homecoming special. We are truly spoiled.

We unpacked (sort of) started a load of wash, and settled into our comfy familiar chairs, a hot cup of chocolatey chai tea by my side. When I’m away, I miss my chair. Prayer time, writing time, social media time and much more are always spent in my chair. When Tom and I moved to Peterborough, we purchased a new love seat that is, in essence, two wonderful lounge chairs fastened together. Last night we both gave forth sighs of comfort – AAAAAAh – as we sat down.

This morning, I spread our gifts for family and friends on the dining room table. I’m excited about sharing the things, the experiences, the joy of our journey. After a breakfast of Tom’s yummy porridge, we hopped in our car to drive to Keene and watch Ellie’s hockey game. Life returned to normal. We have been blessed with an opportunity that few people receive. We will always be grateful.