Janet Stobie, Your Choice for Guest Speaker

Topics for Guest Speaking Engagements

1. Grief – Inspiration behind my mystery novel, Fireweed,       which presents the grief journey of a teenage girl and her father.

  1. Grief – Strategies for dealing with grief.
  2. Grief – Changes in our funeral traditions and their effects for our grief journey.
  3. Storytelling – Value of Storytelling for our faith plus an example.
  4. Storytelling – Telling a Biblical story and tips for creating your own.
  5. Worship – The Drama of Worship/Tips for Enhancing the worship experience
  6. Faith – Growing Your Faith – Tending Your Soul
  7. Gratitude – An Attitude of Gratitude
  8. Writing – The Joys and Frustrations of Writing and Self-Publishing

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Open a world of conversation within your community
with  Author and Inspirational Speaker, Rev. Janet Stobie.

As a speaker Janet Stobie’ offers tips for healing and living well, through all of life’s circumstances. With topics such as: grief, spirituality, Biblical story-telling, creative writing & more, Janet has already touched hearts and sparked inner growth in Women’s and Men’s groups, book clubs, grief groups, & fundraisers in southeastern Ontario

As an author, Janet ‘s books entertain, teach and inspire.

In her novel, Fireweed, Janet offers strategies for healing from loss, through the vehicle of an intriguing mystery. Years of providing pastoral care, of counselling training and personal experience, gives Janet a  wealth of understanding of the grief process for children, teens and adults.

In her two children’s books Spectacular Stella  and A Place Called Home, Janet captures a child’s viewpoint on current issues.

Janet’s two short story collections, A Child Speaks and Can I Hold Him? , offer a new perspective on traditional Biblical stories.

Janet’s new book, “Dipping Your Toes in Planning Small Group Devotionals” is a wonderful resource for small group worship. Janet’s reflections and discussion questions connect us with the spirituality in our daily lives. The 44 devotional services include prayers, hymns, downloadable focus picture, and much, much more. Dipping Your Toes… offers Tips for Effective Worship Leadership as well as a section to lead you through creating your own devotional services.

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