Dipping Your Toes in Planning Small Group Devotionals

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Devotional Worship Services


reflections, hymns, prayers, discussion question

and more plus

Tips for Effective Worship Leadership.


Workbook for Learning to Build

Your Own Services

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Reviews for Dipping Your Toes in Planning Small Group Devotionals

“An excellent resource for your library. This little volume contains complete meditations for personal or group use that challenge and uplift the reader.  It also offers helpful ideas to write your own devotional material. The material is well organized by the calendar year and is easy to use.  Janet’s faith shines through on every page and she calls us to respond to the voice of the holy in our lives in many different ways.”

Betty Radford Turcott, author of Follow Me and Beside Still Water  

“As I travel around to Book Displays, people constantly ask for a book on devotions and worship services. Rev. Janet Stobie has written such a book. Not only has she included forty plus services to use around the church year, but she has even included steps for writing your own. This invaluable resource can be used at the beginning of meetings, for devotions, for services in senior’s homes etc. My thanks go to Janet for producing such a needed and user friendly resource.”

Pat Gilmore, Co-ordinator of Book displays for the United Church of Canada

“Are you looking for new ideas for worship planning for your small group ministry?  Janet Stobie’s new book will certainly meet your needs with this lively, faith-filled work , featuring forty-four complete worship services, along with ideas and guidance to create your own.  Each program includes prayers, hymn suggestions, a short meditation and questions for group discussion.  Programs are seasonal, theme-based and user friendly.  “Dipping your Toes” is a valuable addition to any church or personal library for worship planning.”

Jackie Childerhose, Director, Grand River Spiritual and Educational Resources

“Your book is really helpful. I like it. The tone is warm and wonderfully encouraging to people new to this type of ministry. It invites one to try and it doesn’t require a theological degree or professional titles. It truly is in the spirit of “all of the followers of Jesus are ministers.”

Ruth Welham-Umphrey, Lay Leader, Biblical Storyteller, Anglican Church of Canada

“In a time in which many ministries struggle for sustainability and also new and innovative forms of missional church are emerging, the equipping of lay people for discipleship and ministry is essential. “Dipping Your Toes in Small Group Worship Planning” is an excellent, practical worship planning resource that comes out of the rich experience of a long time practitioner. Why do we always recreate the wheel! Even more than that it is a learning tool to unleash the gifts of lay people and deepen their discipleship in service to make ministry possible in ways it wasn’t before.                      A MUST GET.”

Rob Dalgleish, Executive Director, EDGE – A Network for Ministry Development, United Church of Canada

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