Spectacular Stella

Spectacular Stella is one of God’s loved creations who gets lost, even before she knows who she is. The wind leads Stella astray and then drops her, as if she doesn’t matter at all. Over our lifetime, many of us have been led astray by a new friend and then dropped. Like us, Stella feels abandoned, alone. As you read, you and your child will join Stella as she discovers she’s not alone. God sends a young friend Angelo, to help her find her way home to her special purpose in life, the Christmas star.
Spectacular Stella has been a huge hit with children, their parents and grandparents. Adult lovers of children’s books will delight in  Stella’s touching story.

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Stella’s Birth Story

Writing Stella was fun. I went to bed one night wanting to do something special for my three granddaughters. As God often does, God offered me an idea as I awoke the next morning. “Write a book about a star” was the message circling in my mind.

After my morning meditation I began to write. The story poured onto the page. When writing comes easily like that, I feel as if I’m flying on the Spirit. I gave God thanks and left the rough copy to gel.

By the next morning, the star’s name had become Stella, Spectacular Stella. Of course there were many hours of editing yet to come, as well as finding an illustrator, but the basic story was complete. Spectacular Stella had been born.

The first time I read Spectacular Stella to my granddaughter Ellie (age 7 at the time), she responded with “Grandma, you want everyone to know they’re special just as they are.”

Order your autographed copy of Spectacular Stella  $10.00 plus shipping.


Sample of the Story:

Spectacular Stella

Early one morning, God finished working with a lump of clay and laid her down to dry in the sunshine. A wild wind danced in through the open window.

“Come, Stella, our newest baby, come play with me,” the wind whistled to the clay

Just as I opened my eyes to the world for the first time, the wind gathered up my blanket and me, and carried us up, up, out the window and into the new day.

“Whee, this is fun!” I sang.

Without warning, the wind changed direction and dropped me. Down, down, down, I plummeted, like an injured bird. Plop! I landed in a huge pile of leaves.

“Ohhhhhh,” I gasped.

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