August 25

We slept in this morning. We definitely needed the extra rest. Leaving the house at eleven a.m., our first stop was a restaurant for brunch. Tummies full, we started an afternoon of visiting bookstores around the city of Calgary. By the end of the day, three bookstores were carrying our books and two more had samples to read. We will check back with them on Friday a.m. We rushed back to say goodbye to our friends who were going on a retreat. They had supper ready for us. We spent the evening relaxing and preparing a letter to a large book distributor. The day over we collapsed once again into bed.

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  1. Hi this is Vanessa, from Lookout Pass (Idaho/Montana boarder). You stopped in with your husband. I got a couple books from you that you signed for my grandbaby , Lilly. Do you have an email address? Need to get a hold of you. Thanks. God Bless Vanessa

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