The Last Time

This is the last time I will ask for your opinions on the pitch for my new novel, “Seeking Safety”. I have tweaked and tweaked. I am ready for your thoughts and recommendations. Thanks in advance.

Seventeen-year-old Renée Grenville and her dad, Steve, are slowly rebuilding their lives after Serena’s death. Now, Steve’s readiness for a new relationship threatens to topple Renée’s fragile security. While researching her mom’s past, Renée discovers a tiny book with faded writing. Her great-great-grandmother, a Barnardo child, had kept a diary.

When a refugee family from Syria, arrives in Catalpa Creek, tension mounts. Prejudice and fear surface. Both the Grenvilles’ and the Ahmadi’s safety is jeopardized. Renee’s stress peaks when death takes a victim once again.

Written in the voices of both Renee and Steve, Seeking Safety is a coming of age novel, not just for Renée, but for her Dad and the Catalpa Creek community.

Please comment.

3 thoughts on “The Last Time”

  1. It sounds like there are a lot of interesting threads in the book and my interest is sparked. How will you pull them all together, I wonder. It seems a big jump from a Barnardo child to a Syrian family. Can you give us a hint?

  2. Once again, thanks to everyone for your suggestions. You have been very helpful. Writing a pitch for a book requires a different writing skill that is centered around marketing. I’ve decided I would much rather write the book. Blessings to you all.

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