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“Will All Be Well?”

Yesterday Tom and I had a delightful day, celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary. We spent the day surrounded with family. We are truly blessed. Our blended family is an endless source of pleasure and love. We ended the day with granddaughter Ellie’s rugby game and dinner at the Red Lobster. As always, it was delicious, but Shelley, our waitress particularly went the second mile to make sure we were pleased with our anniversary dinner.

This morning we left home early. I needed surgery. The last two months, I have lived with a spot on my chest, growing and changing, while I waited for my turn with a surgeon. Of course, Google showed me pictures of what was actually growing on my body. The doctor did a biopsy. We waited for the report. She called me herself to re-assure me the report said, “not basal cell.” I believed her, but my spot kept growing and changing

My friends and family have prayed and worried with me. Their prayers and their concern have helped tremendously. From this ordeal, and that’s what it has been for Tom and me, I have learned a great deal. First of all, patience and fear require a great deal of energy. I have kept myself even busier than usual in to keep the anxiety at bay. Second, prayer helps. It’s wonderful knowing that others care. Their loving prayer released a strength I needed. Third, I already knew that Tom is wonderful. Over the last two months he has shown me that growing old with him will be the best possible experience. Fourth,my faith keeps me solid. I had no expectation that God was going to just wipe this growth away. I did know in the depths of my heart that God was with me and I would be okay. In the words of the ancient mystic, Julian of Norwich, “All will be well. All will be well. And all manner of things will be well.” No matter what happens.

Today, I celebrated all the way to Lindsay. It was coming off. I could hardly wait. Of course, there was a wait, of over an hour once we got there. I worried the surgeon might be called away to an emergency. But no, like most worries it didn’t happen. Now it’s done. Surgeon thought it was cancer. Has sent it away to be checked. He assured me he got it all and it would not reoccur. Well, I might get a similar type of growth at some point but it would not be related. So now I’m celebrating all the way home.

I am truly grateful. First, to our wonderful country and its medical system. Yes, I had to wait a bit, but I walked into the hospital this morning, had the surgery, walked out and paid nothing. I’m grateful. I willingly pay my taxes for everyone to have this wonderful medical care. Second I’m grateful to Dr. McNab and for his skills. He was kind, gentle and caring and he got it all. Thirdly and most important, I’m grateful to God for all the help over the last two months and for the gift of life. All IS WELL.  I am truly blessed. God’s Spirit is “the wind beneath my wings.”

Jesus said, “I will be with you always, even unto the ends of the earth.”

Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

Does God have a sense of humour? The Bible tells the story of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness. ( Exodus 16). They ran out of food. They asked God for a miracle. God sent manna. Manna was not what the Israelites had in mind to solve their hunger crisis. It didn’t look like food, although it did taste sort of sweet. You couldn’t use it for trade or for wealth. Why? It had a short expiration date. It went rancid on the second day and couldn’t be eaten.

Manna was a powerful illustration of God’s wonderful sense of humor. I can imagine God saying, “Here’s the miracle you asked for. Now learn the lesson in co-operation and sharing that comes with it.” God does answer prayers, but seldom in the way we expect.

Twelve years after my divorce, I asked God for a companion to grow old with me. In a book I was reading, one of the characters prayed, “God, I need a parade of men, so I can choose a mate wisely.” I laughed at the idea. At fifty plus, I knew there would never be a parade of men for me. Not long after I finished that book, a friend suggested, “Try one of the date matching sites on line.”

My first reaction, “Oh no, not safe. Bad idea.”

“Give it a try,” my friend suggested, “Just be careful.”

I went on line and, to my delight, I discovered God was offering me a parade of men. At the time, I called it “window shopping.” I applied all the cautions everyone suggested and sampled a few. The end result, of course, is my Tom, the love of my life. In June, we’ll have been married thirteen wonderful years. As usual, God answered my prayer, not as I expected and not without some effort from me. Yes, God answered my prayer with, I’m sure, a twinkle in God’s eye.


A Thought for Today

Be God’s comfort for someone today


On this beautiful bright sunny day, open your heart to God. Let God’s love and caring fill your heart and spill over to someone you meet today. There will be a stranger, a friend, a neighbour, or family that needs your comfort today. You may offer a smile and a caring thought to the grocery cashier or a phone call to someone you know might need it. Listen carefully to God’s nudge. Your opportunity will come. That’s how God works most often. Be God’s comfort for someone today. 

Here Come the Mountains @travel @mountains @church

September 13 Day 15

Free Spirit United Churcch
Free Spirit United Churcch
Clouds Circle into the Rockies
Clouds Circle into the Rockies

We were up early, all packed and ready to go in time for the 10:30 service at Spirit West United Church. The service started with singing. One of the songs, “Grab Another Hand”, I hadn’t sung in years. It’s heaps of fun, and encourages people to mingle and laugh as they sing. A grand beginning for people like Tom and me. The people were friendly which made it fun. My brother-in-law Bob met us at the service, which was special for both Tom and me. Hotdogs and sweetcorn for lunch after the service gave me an opportunity to sell heaps of books and talk with lots of people. Last Friday, God obviously was a part of our choosing Spirit West as our place for Sunday worship.

Fall has arrived on the Jaspar Highway
Fall has arrived on the Jaspar Highway

We went back to Dina and Bob’s to change our clothes and say goodbye. The trip to Jasper this afternoon was amazing. We watched the season of fall gradually appear as more and more of the trees were golden yellow. Rolling hills replaced the flat vistas and big prairies sky. And then…the majestic Rocky Mountains appeared. Canada is awesome. The distances can be overwhelming but there are not enough words to capture the variety and grandeur of the land. Tonight I am singing, “This land is your land. This land is my land…” Wow. I am so grateful to be making this trip, to experience the wonder of God’s creation.

Here Come the Mountains
Here Come the Mountains
Emerald Green Glacial Lake
Emerald Green Glacial Lake
Getting Taller - Mount Edith Cavell
Getting Taller – Mount Edith Cavell

Tonight, we’re in the Athabasca Hotel in Jasper. There’s a picture in the lobby that says it’s been here since 1929. The rooms therefore are small but comfortable. There’s no swimming pool or hot tub but we’re not spending time inside. This evening we walked the town’s streets gazing at the play of light on the mountains as the sun set. Yes, God is with us as always.

Up Close
Up Close

God Is Good! #travel #gratitude

Sept 10  Day 12

Today we travelled from Saskatoon to Edmonton. Once again our hearts were captured by the endless carpet of mature golden wheat that spread out before us and broken occasionally by lush river valleys. Although we had risen at a reasonable hour, we were late leaving. I needed to prepare and email receipts for yesterdays sales. Consequently, we drove straight through to North Battleford.

Five years ago we had stopped in this northern prairie town to visit Candleberry’s Internet Café. This attractive  community gathering place makes delicious healthy food and supports artists and writers. Last time they bought  Spectacular Stella and Can I Hold Him? to sell in their store. Today when I walked in and introduced myself as Janet Stobie, author to Richard, the owner’s son, he smiled and said, we bought some of your books before. I was amazed. This time he bought three of Fireweed and three of Dipping Your Toes. If I need more I’ll email you he said. I looked at his book shelves. He had mostly local authors. Every book was standing face out for people to see. He treated my work and myself with great respect. When book stores and restaurants are struggling today Richard and his dad have a thriving business. One of the reasons besides providing good food, I’m sure, is that they are interested in people and care about their customers.

2015-04-07 19.03.35 (2)Richard, his dad and I. Tom took the picture.

In my morning prayers I had once again spoken with God about trying to like the selling part of my ministry. My experience at Candleberry’s was an answer to prayer. I enjoyed my conversation with Richard. I recommend Candleberry’s to anyone who is travelling through North Battleford. Your mind, body and heart will be well fed.

Time was flying by, so we made only one other stop. We couldn’t drive by Vegreville and not stop to see the giant Pysanka. Most of you won’t know what that is. Follow this link and learn all about the sculpture. http://www.vegreville.com/visiting/what-to-see-and-do/vegreville-pysanka-easter-egg

2015-04-07 22.27.48When we were too far from Vegreville to return, we heard a sharp ding. Tom looked down at the gas gauge. We were on the last bar and the buy gas sign was flashing. I checked the map for the distance to the next town. There were no towns til Edmonton, about 40 + kilometers away. We had never experimented to find out how far the car would go on empty. I said a silent prayer and then told Tom. “We have CAA.” We both laughed as he kept driving. I pictured the gas running out and putting along on the electric motor at 40 kilometers an hour. I could almost hear the cars and trucks streaming past at 110 and faster. God was good. We made it to a gas station on the edge of Edmonton with gas to spare.

We arrived in Winnipeg in time for a lovely late dinner with my sister Dina and her son Ben. The best part of this whole journey is the visits with family. In this global society we are blessed with the internet for emails and Skype, but you can’t beat real tangible human contact. Dina moved to Edmonton from Tucson Arizona last spring. She feels much closer and yet she’s still far, far, away. I will treasure the next three days with her and her family.

Today we have had lots to be thankful for, family, interested store owners, safe journey. God felt close all day, especially, the last half hour of our journey.