Can You Hear Yet?


Hearing Loss

My ability to hear has been decreasing. More people seem to be mumbling rather than talking. Last month, I purchased very expensive hearing aids. Hallelujah, I can hear again! My biggest problem has been letting go of the myth that wearing hearing aids means I’m getting old. I tell myself hearing aids are just like wearing glasses. I want to see clearly, and I want to hear clearly.

Jesus said, “Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.”(Mark 4:9) I’ve always thought of that statement in terms of people refusing to listen. Getting my hearing aids has given me a new perception. Sometimes, we have to accept the fact that, without reaching out a little, we just can’t hear the words of faith. We need to attend discussion groups on difficult topics or read books by writers who have opinions contrary to ours. As long as we keep plugging along with the same ideas and thoughts that we learned as children, we’ll never experience the joy of growing in our faith.

You may be finding it more and more difficult to understand the relevance of faith to your daily life. Maybe you’ve gradually become deaf to the comfort, guidance, and challenge of a life of faith. When we think we can’t afford the time required in learning something new, we close our ears and minds to the questions that trouble us. We’re afraid that new ideas might make faith old.

Jesus believed that the people of his time, particularly religious leaders, had become deaf to God’s message of love and forgiveness. His ideas were new. Jesus’ teachings and actions were the hearing aids of faith for his time. As people of faith today, we have to open our hearts and spend the time and energy to contemplate new ideas. Some we’ll accept. Some we won’t. For sure, we want our faith to be relevant. We want to hear well.

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    1. Hi Jan, The hearing aids are amazing. I got them from the ear company in Peterborough. It’s wonderful to be able to hear easily. My experience of getting them has taught me that there is a huge difference between kinds and where you get them so shop carefully. I’ve also learned that it’s important not to wait too long. You know the saying, “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” My thoughts are that if you go too long (many years) without hearing well, the part of your brain that processes the missing sounds shuts down. That’s why people hate their hearing aids when they finally get them. The brain is irritated rather than positively stimulated. Those aren’t the words of the audiologist but that’s how I interpreted them. Also, mine float in my ear so I get to use all the hearing I still have. When we get together in April I’ll talk some more about places and kinds.

  1. Hi, Janet,
    My friend Ruth W-U often sends me your articles. This one really struck home. When I was 65 I thought my life was over, that I soon would die. I was burned out from caring for a schizophrenic son and trying to help other family members with multiple problems while my husband, also not well, struggled to keep our tippy financial canoe from swamping. The following year, God revealed to me the cause and the cure of our son’s schizophrenia. Through research that I began that year I discovered that all aberrant behaviour — actually normal behaviour, too — originates under the control of the ear(s). After 10 years of schizophrenia and serious substance abuse Daniel has been symptom-free for over four years. Gradually, he is defeating one addiction after the other. The health of his ear is essential to that process of ear muscle strengthening and normalizing of behaviour. I have written two books, a study of the effects of antidepressants on the ears, and a booklet introducing parents to the importance of music for healing and maintaining ear strength and the ability to learn. God had plans for me I could not have imagined! I believe that Jesus knew some of the people in the crowds around Him were incapable of hearing Him and was acknowledging that in the scripture verse you quote. The capacity for controlling one’s behaviour depends absolutely on the physical capacity of the ear for transmitting high-frequency sound to the left hemisphere of the brain so that it can dominate the right hemisphere. If you would like to learn more about the relationship between the ears and behaviour, feel free to contact me.

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