Four Tips for Travelling Rough Roads

Every morning I begin my day with prayer for my family and friends. Today it seems as if young people, including my grandchildren, need special prayers. Life lacks security. Temptation comes clothed in respectability. There are so many choices. Around it all, there is the internet, social media, the web. Sometimes I think calling it a net is so apt. It can feel like a spider’s web, with we humans fulfilling the role of the fly. I would like God to remove all the temptations, all the struggles for each of my precious teenage grandchildren. Smooth the road, please God, is my plea.

Breakfast over, I often need to drive somewhere. I maneuver around the potholes. My car bounces over the rough spots. I’m aware that regardless the amount of money, machinery, time or work hours spent on our road network, our marvelous smooth roads eventually develop potholes. Heavy traffic in our rugged Canadian winters means that our roads require constant fixing. The best we can do to ensure a safe journey is to keep our own cars in good repair. Be careful, confident, knowledgeable drivers, and use wisdom when choosing our route and speed. In the end, we must trust in God to enable us to deal with whatever happens.

I’m thinking we need to follow the same rules in living our lives, whether we’re teens, seniors or in-between. We can keep our bodies in good repair by eating healthy, exercising, and resting. We can live with care and confidence, using the knowledge we gain as we mature to give us wisdom in making our life choices. And we can teach trust in our loving God. God has promised the Holy Spirit to guide, comfort and strengthen us. God’s Spirit dwells within us to enable us to deal with the life events we encounter. We can focus on preparing ourselves and our young people for the potholes in the roads of life.

Spectacular Stella Has Returned

Some of you may have already purchased a copy of Spectacular Stella.  I have sold over 1000 copies of this sweet children’s book, since I wrote it. Today, I received an email, that the second edition of Spectacular Stella is now ready for pick up. There have been a view glitches as Stella made her journey into the world of Amazon. Now, she is ready for the world dressed up in a whole new cover, size and shape. Now she’s 8 1/2 inches square, which means the print will be much easier to read. Stella is a great gift for grandchildren, neighour’s kids, and your child. Buy several so you will have a stack to share at the local homeless shelter, or your church’s next foodbaskets. Enjoy this simple story which affirms you as God’s special child, whether you are 8 or 98. They’re available on my website, and even better from and soon from

If you order Spectacular Stella from my website before the end of May you will receive a signed copy at a 10% discount plus shipping.


Mother’s, at Their Best, Are God’s Show and Tell.

My teenage granddaughter, made her mom a teapot for mother’s day in art class. On the way back to her locker with her precious gift, she dropped the pot and chipped it. Now it will hold a plant but not tea. I can only imagine the frustration my granddaughter is feeling. There is nothing I can say, that will help. What I know is that her mom, like me will treasure that tea pot,  with it’s chip. Her mom knows the courage and love required to
give a gift that you make yourself, especially when you are a teenager. A chip only adds to it’s beauty.

This brings to me some understanding of God’s love. Many of us are chipped by life. We have done foolish things, and sometimes even cruel things that brought ourselves and our loved ones misery. Even our apathy at times has created chips in our hearts. There are also the chips in our hearts caused by others. Not one of us is perfect. Yet, Jesus assured us that God loves us anyway. We don’t have to be good enough. We can be blemished and yet our lives offered as a gift to God, like Ellie’s teapot are always acceptable, more than acceptable, cherished. We are God’s precious children. In today’s world where judgment abounds, understanding God’s infinite love is lifegiving.

I believe that mother’s at their best are God’s show and tell when it comes to unconditional love. For sure mother’s too have chips. They have times when they fail totally, but most mothers, most of the time love their children through all their scrapes, disappointments, failures, and mistakes. As Mothers’ Day approaches I am grateful for the love of both of my mothers. With me now, only in Spirit and memory, I celebrate Mothers’ Day with great joy. They have told me and shown me God’s love.

How can we conquer hate?

Finally, I have a post to offer. I do apologize for the lack of regularity. I am working on one for Mother’s Day. My plan is to get back to once a week.  I send my concern and caring go out to any of you who are battling the rising water.  We had a few minutes of sun this morning, for which I am truly grateful. Blessings to you all. Janet

How Can We Conquer Hate?

On my birthday, I woke up grateful for my life. In response, I wrote the following little poem: Show me what I am God, The gifts that make me, me. Show me what I am God. My gifts all come from thee.

Lead me in your Grace, God; To share and bring great joy, To be your blessing for each day, To man and woman, girl and boy.

Since Sunday, my daily readings have encouraged me to repeat that little prayer poem, no matter what happens. One of those readings by Madeline L’Engle on the birth of Jesus offered me the following piece of wisdom: “Only the absurdity of love can break the bonds of hate.”

Putting these two together, I have decided that the best way to bring peace into our chaotic world is to fill our world so full of love that there is no longer any room for hate. What a wonderful goal. Of course, it means we must co-operate. We could never achieve such a goal alone. I offer the following prayer:

Loving and forgiving God, I offer my love to the world. Gather my love, and the love offered by others to surround and fill the leaders of this world.

Loving and creating God, I know it’s not too late. My dream is that you will use our gathered love to fill this troubled world so full of love that there is no room for hate. Amen

St. Paul tells us: Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people…(Galatians 6:9-10)